This form is for delivery enquiries to private residences ONLY in the South-West region.

Minimum order of 5 bales ($60) applies

Once your order is placed you will receive confirmation from Alex (the pea straw wife) via phone or email. She will follow up with a call providing 1-2 days notice prior to delivery.  Please note that if we are unable to contact you we will not deliver.

Our preferred method of payment is Electronic Funds Transfer. Details will be provided upon confirmation of the order.

​Your order will be delivered to your driveway as far as is practical for our truck to access.

Delivery dates are irregular. The timing of our delivery trips are dictated by the need for enough orders to fill the truck and make it worth our while. Customer demand fluctuates throughout the year according to the season.

To place an order, use the form below or if you have any questions please ask on the form or give us a call on 0429 948 204


Thank you. We will be in touch soon